Tools To Try:

One thing that can make writing easier is having the right tools. While a lot of writers prefer the basics (a pen and paper or a laptop), some like having other apps to help organize and simplify. If you’re one of those writers, then take a look at these:

  • Google Apps
  • Hemingway App

Google Apps are known to be useful in many ways. For writers, the importance lies mostly within Google Docs. Docs is a great writing app to use because it saves your work automatically. This means that unlike other writing apps, it won’t delete all of your work if you accidentally close the page or anything goes wrong. is a great tool as well. It stands for “if this, then that”. It works by linking two pages or apps of your choice. For example, you can program it to “if I open my writing app of choice, then it will also open my music app of choice”. This example is for writers that like background music while they work, but there are many other ways to use this website as well.

The Hemingway App is great for editing. It lets you type up your work, and then it suggests ways to simplify your writing. This makes your work easier for all ages to read and makes it more accessible. It’s a great tool specifically for people that need to break the habit of run-on sentences or over-the-top language. is a very helpful tool for fiction writers specifically, although it does include a fee. This website helps writers with worldbuilding, notes, character building, advancing plot, etc. It’s just as the title suggests- a one stop shop for writers!

Have any favorite tools, apps, or websites you like to use? Feel free to suggest others below!

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