Soft Spotify Playlists

Want to try some background music for when you’re writing, but don’t want anything too distracting? Take a look at some of the ones I personally like to use:

The Folklore album! Soft, slightly sad music that resembles folk and indie playlists.
The Conan Gray Mix features some slower, softer music. Some of the songs are sad, but they’re emotionally moving and the lyrics aren’t too distracting. Great as background music or for when you’re working on a sad scene.
Sleeping At Last! I mostly recommend the instrumental songs from this band. They’re beautiful, soft, and have no lyrics to distract you.
The Twilight soundtracks! Okay, hear me out. The softer music is non-distracting and very pretty. The more upbeat music is great background music for writing action scenes. And all of the songs add a very cinematic quality to your writing experience.
Cavetown is one of my absolute favorite bands. Their music is soft, but not sad. Some songs are catchier than others and can get stuck in your head, but overall they’re great background music. Plus, a lot of the songs have a similar vibe, so the playlist will feel consistent and you won’t get whiplash from having to skip the peppy or annoying songs all the time.
This playlist is a soft mix of some of the artists I’ve already mentioned.
Not much to say about this one. It’s exactly what it says- soft writing music.
This one is a classic. Almost every student knows the study lofi channel. This playlist has all the lofi songs you’ll need to keep on track writing, studying, etc.
These are slightly more upbeat songs. They still make great background music, but they’re less slow and sad. Coffeehouse music is great for lifting the mood, though, and can be used for writing hopeful scenes.
Great music to help keep you focused while you write!
I personally really like indie music for background music, but I understand it’s not for everyone. Check this playlist out if you happen to like indie or just want to give something new a try!
Dark academia is a very specific aesthetic. Some people really love it, some people really don’t. I’m still getting used to it myself. But if you like the aesthetic, you just might really like this writing playlist.

These are just a few playlists to try, and they’re all pretty similar because they’re the type of writing music I personally enjoy. If you have other playlists or albums you really love writing with, please leave a comment!

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