Setting for Character

A lot of writers use a special place in their story to help build their character. Sometimes the character’s bedroom has collectibles from their childhood, is messy and chaotic just like them, or has some other telling feature. Noticing these things can tell the reader a lot about the character and what they’re like or what’s important to them.

Using this as a writer, one can use a space to build a character, too. Look at your own room. What would you assume about the person living there if you were seeing it for the first time? Look at the group of images below. Who might live here? Are they organized or messy? Are they popular, artsy, athletic, scholarly, etc? What can you tell about them? How are these characters/rooms similar or different?

bedroom, indoors, interior design-6577523.jpg
children's for girls, children's interior, children-3368014.jpg
bedroom, sleeping room, bed-349698.jpg

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