Dream Journaling

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A lot of people who journal like to try this method. Dream journaling can be started by keeping a journal near your bed (under a pillow or on a nightstand) and recording any dreams you have as soon as you wake up.

It’s important to record dreams and details immediately. We’ve all experienced having a dream slip right through our fingers shortly after waking up. They fade quickly sometimes!

So write down the details as soon as you’re awake, even if that means recording a few details during the night if you happen to wake up between dreams.

Didn’t dream last night? Write that down, too. Part of a dream journal is keeping track of whether or not you dream at all each night.

What you do after recording your dreams is completely up to you! Some writers use their dreams for inspiration with poetry and fiction. Others just like to write about them for fun or to try to figure out why they had a certain dream. Either way, it’s a fun project to try!

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