Setting for Character

A lot of writers use a special place in their story to help build their character. Sometimes the character’s bedroom has collectibles from their childhood, is messy and chaotic just like them, or has some other telling feature. Noticing these things can tell the reader a lot about the character and what they’re like or… Continue reading Setting for Character


Often times, best selling and popular books get turned into movies. The books are transformed into scripts for the movies, and are written in a completely new style. This script style is a fun trick to try when you’re a little stuck writing. Consider transforming your scene into a play script. What does the setting/stage… Continue reading Scripts

Horror Prompts

“People aren’t scared of being alone in the dark, boy. They’re scared of not being alone in the dark.” -Jonathan Dunne, Hotel Miramar

Branching Out

Today, the writing prompt is simple: Write a short story or a scene in any genre that you’re not as confident in. Try something new! Never written sci-fi? Write a scene about an astronaut! New to fantasy? Great, create some characters for the genre! Research dragons. Good writers are good because they try new things.… Continue reading Branching Out

Worldbuilding Exercise

This is an exercise a lot of contemporary fiction writers use for worldbuilding. Today, you’ll make a map. Don’t worry, art skills aren’t necessary! To start, grab a piece of paper. A lot of writers will start by discoloring the paper using coffee or another substance. The yellowed look adds to the feeling of an… Continue reading Worldbuilding Exercise