Branching Out

Today, the writing prompt is simple: Write a short story or a scene in any genre that you’re not as confident in. Try something new! Never written sci-fi? Write a scene about an astronaut! New to fantasy? Great, create some characters for the genre! Research dragons.

Good writers are good because they try new things. They’re not afraid to be bad at something they’re new to.

It’s always possible that what you’re best at is something you haven’t even tried yet.

Look at the table below for suggestions if you’re stuck!

GenreResearch QuestionsCharacter/World BuildingScene Writing
Sci-fiHow does gravity operate in a spaceship? What signs of life would you look for on another planet?What would a planet of your making look like? What would its inhabitants look like? Is the planet solid? Water based? What are food sources? Do the inhabitants have any odd technology or powers?Write about an astonaut in their ship or about a character making contact with a new planet.
FantasyWhat’s common dragon lore? What currency would be used? What are common myths about the fae?Design a character based on the fae. In a kingdom of your making, who is king/queen? What is the kingdom known for? Are there magical creatures? Do they oppose or support the kingdom?Write from the POV of a magical creature within the kingdom.
HorrorWhat are different superstitions throughout the ages? What are the most common phobias? Have you heard any scary stories?Are there scary events in a normal, realistic world? Or is the whole world you create odd and scary? Is it another realm? A nightmare? A cursed forest? What’s your villain?Try writing as an unreliable narrator. Tell us part of the story from the villain’s POV. Make us sympathize.

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